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Bali Eco-Friendly Aroma Sachet

Bali Eco-Friendly Aroma Sachet

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Fresh & Relaxing

It's your personal sanctuary, a stress escape, and the perfect complement to your coveted "me" moments. Picture yourself comfortably nestled on a massage table amid the tranquil charm of Bali.

Combination notes of the calming notes of Camomile and the grounding scent of Cedar with the invigorating aromas of Matcha and the refreshing Green Accord. The harmonious blend creates a soothing ambiance, setting the stage for relaxation and tranquillity.

Details of your Aroma Sachet

  • Weight: approx. 20g
  • Measurements: 8cm in length, 10cm in height
  • Packaging:Encased in a cotton bag, accompanied by a biodegradable clear bag

What make them special: Ingredients and Features

  • Compostable Granules: Made with environmentally friendly, compostable granules.
  • Infused with Fragrance: Each sachet is richly infused with fragrances.
  • Durability: Designed to maintain a fresh scent for a few months.
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