Reed diffusers are low-maintenance way to keep your home smelling great and work by releasing scent from the bottle through a set of reeds or sticks.

To have an excellent performance, leaving in a bathroom whit the doors closed, when the door opens, the draft will make the scent particles to travel around the air. 

Using Candle Wise's Reed Diffusers is simple, and here you find how to make most of them:

Candle Wise Reed Diffuser

1. Open the diffuser bottle and remove the stopper.

2. Place the reeds into the bottle, making sure they are evenly spaced and the ends are in the oil.

3. Place the bottle in an area of your choosing, such as on a shelf, table, or counter top, but be careful as if oil drips it can stain the furniture.

4. Allow 48 hours until the scent to diffuse into the air.

Tips and Tricks

What places do you not recommend to use the reed diffusers?

Above the radiators, outdoors.

What if the scent is too strong?

Remove one or two sticks

What do I do if there are still oil in the bottle but I cannot smell anymore?

Just replace the old reed sticks to new ones.


Can I light the sticks?

No, definitely not! Never light the sticks


Candle Wise Team