Sustainability Promise

At Candle Wise, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices has earned us the prestigious title of the Most Sustainable Business. Here’s how we make a difference:

1. Plastic-Free Promise We proudly say NO to plastic. Our products are designed to minimize environmental impact, ensuring a greener planet.

2. Harnessing Natural Light We operate during daylight hours to make the most of natural light, reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

3. Reusable and Durable Products Our creations are made for repeated use. From containers and bags to labels and packaging, everything is designed to be reused.

4. Recyclable and Reused Packaging We use recyclable boxes and repurpose paper and boxes received from parcels. This practice reduces waste and promotes recycling.

5. Local Sustainable Partnerships We collaborate with UK suppliers who share our sustainability ethos, ensuring that our supply chain is as green as possible.

6. Eco-Friendly Deliveries For local deliveries, we prefer walking. This not only keeps us fit but also helps reduce our carbon emissions.

7. Plantable Paper Tags Our tags are made from plantable paper. Once you’re done with them, plant them and watch them grow!

8. Digital Connections Over Business Cards In today’s digital age, we’ve eliminated business cards. Connect with us via QR codes to follow us online or visit our website.

9. Upcycling and Recycling Champions We embrace upcycling and recycling. What might be waste to one is a treasure to another.

Join us on our mission to create a sustainable future. Discover more about our eco-friendly practices and award-winning sustainability on our website.

Candle Wise – Lighting the Path to a Greener Tomorrow