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Soapstone Carved Oil and Wax Burner - Moroccan Arch Cutout

Soapstone Carved Oil and Wax Burner - Moroccan Arch Cutout

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Enhance your home with the elegant charm of our Soaptone Carved Oil and Wax Burner. Featuring intricate carved leafy cutouts and a stunning Moroccan arch opening, this burner is designed to bring a touch of exotic elegance to any room. Made from natural light soapstone with beautiful tones of beige, grey, pink, and blue, it seamlessly blends with any décor.

Perfectly crafted to work with our scoopable melts, this burner not only adds aesthetic appeal but also fills your space with delightful fragrances. Its compact dimensions make it an ideal addition to any room, offering a stylish yet functional piece.


  • Material: Premium Soapstone
  • Dimensions: Height - 10cm, Width - 9cm, Depth - 9cm
  • Color: Natural light soapstone with beige, grey, pink, and blue tones
  • Design: Intricate leafy cutouts with a Moroccan arch opening
  • Compatibility: Works perfectly with our scoopable melts
  • Inclusions: Candle and oils not included

Transform your space with the soothing glow and aroma of your favorite oils and wax melts using this exquisite Soaptone Carved Oil and Wax Burner.

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