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Aloha Scoopable Wax Melt

Aloha Scoopable Wax Melt

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Captivating & Luscious

Awaken to the serene beauty, nestled among the majestic mountains and sea, a perfect day in the paradise. 

Palm trees, the shadows coming from the bright yellow sun, is the start of the day, surfers are on the sea.  

Uncover an opening note of Succulent Pineapple, Fresh Peach, and Zesty Passion Fruit, journeying next to a heart of Exotic Fruits, Tangy Grapefruit, closing with the rich, velvety texture of Mango enveloped by an assortment of Tropical Fruits.

Details of your experience

  • Net Weight: approx. 90g
  • Container: Practical Clip Top
  • Measurements: Height - 8cm, Width - 5cm, Length - 5cm
  • Extras: Wooden Spoon

What make them special: Ingredients and Features

  • Base Composition: Crafted from Coconut Wax and enhanced with a unique blend. Is both vegan and vegetarian-friendly. We prioritise sustainability.
  • Enhancement Ingredient: Each melt includes a special ingredient, either sourced directly from our kitchen or garden, adding a touch of magic and uniqueness to the experience.
  • High-Quality Fragrances: We use only premium fragrances to infuse our melts with delightful and long-lasting aromas.
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