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Bali Premium Incense Sticks

Bali Premium Incense Sticks

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Fresh & Relaxing

It's your personal sanctuary, a stress escape, and the perfect complement to your coveted "me" moments. Picture yourself comfortably nestled on a massage table amid the tranquil charm of Bali.

Combination notes of the calming notes of Camomile and the grounding scent of Cedar with the invigorating aromas of Matcha and the refreshing Green Accord. The harmonious blend creates a soothing ambiance, setting the stage for relaxation and tranquillity.

Details of your experience

  • Package Content: 10 sticks
  • Size: Aprox. 28cm
  • Burning time: One hour (each)
  • Packaging: Eco-Friedly paper bag

What make them special: Ingredients and Features

  • Handcrafted: Our incenses are made in UK
  • Sustainable: CO2 Free
  • Fragrance: Unique blends presenting a refined smoky smell, beautifully harmonized with our selection of scents.
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