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Ciao Bella Premium Incense Sticks

Ciao Bella Premium Incense Sticks

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Quirk & Energizing

Immerse yourself in the vibrant essence of a South Italian herb garden with Ciao Bella, a fragrance that captures the joy and energy of a leisurely stroll through lush greenery. The soothing Green Accord at the top welcomes you with a refreshing embrace, setting the stage for the heart of the scent, where aromatic Basil and Sage dance in harmony. The journey concludes with a grounding base of Thyme, Rosemary, and Dill, leaving a lasting impression of herbal tranquility.

Ciao Bella promises to transport you to the sun-kissed gardens of Southern Italy. This quirky and energizing scent is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of Mediterranean charm to your home.

Details of your experience

  • Package Content: 10 sticks
  • Size: Aprox. 28cm
  • Burning time: One hour (each)
  • Packaging: Eco-Friedly paper bag

What make them special: Ingredients and Features

  • Handcrafted: Our incenses are made in UK
  • Sustainable: CO2 Free
  • Fragrance: Unique blends presenting a refined smoky smell, beautifully harmonized with our selection of scents.
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