Introduction to Wooden Wick Candle Care

Experience the cosy ambiance of Candle Wise's wooden wick candles, known for their soothing crackle. Different from traditional cotton wick candles, our wooden wicks require a touch of care to maximize their gorgeous scent and beautiful flame."

The Importance of the First Burn: Establishing a Memory Burn

The initial lighting of your wooden wick candle sets the stage for its performance. It’s crucial to allow the candle to burn long enough so that the melted wax pool reaches the container's edges, typically taking about 2.5 to 3 hours. Our Mini Travel Size candles will reach this stage a bit quicker. This process, known as the 'memory burn,' ensures an even burn in future uses, enhancing the candle’s longevity and fragrance dispersion.

Daily Candle Care Tips

Wick Trimming: Keep your wick trimmed to about 5mm. A longer wick can hinder the wax's capillary action, causing the flame to extinguish. Use a wick trimmer or your fingertips to gently remove any charred bits from the wick to maintain the ideal flame height.

Lighting Your Candle: For an even burn, light the wick across its length rather than at one end. Use a long match or a lighter and, if necessary, guide the flame along the wick until it evenly ignites.

During the Burn: Avoid moving the candle while the wax is melted. If the flame appears too low after burning for a prolonged period, extinguish the flame, let it cool, then tap off any excess burnt wood from the wick before relighting.

Safety First: Never leave your candle unattended. Place it in a flat heat resistant surface. Keep away from pets, children, and flammable items. Do not burn any candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. Container might get hot.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • If the Flame Goes Out: Sometimes, the wick needs a quick relight to resume proper wax flow. Ensure the wick is trimmed correctly and free from too much ash. If the wick becomes too short or buried in wax, carefully clear around it without breaking the wick.

For Better Performance

We recommend using strike matches or an electric lighter for easier and safer lighting. Consider investing in a candle care kit to keep your Candle Wise wooden wick candles burning brightly and efficiently.

Enjoy Your The Burn

Thank you for choosing Candle Wise. Enjoy the unique experience of our award-winning candles, and remember these tips to ensure the best performance from your candle.