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Doha Eco-Friendly Aroma Sachet

Doha Eco-Friendly Aroma Sachet

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Bold and Complex

Inspired by Qatar’s dynamic capital, this fragrance captures the city's spirit of innovation and excitement, creating an aromatic experience that's both luxurious and captivating.

The journey begins with leading notes of rich Leather and Tobacco Leaves, enveloping you in the warmth of amber and the sensual allure of Musk These bold elements are expertly balanced with a refreshing blend of Black tea and Pepper, adding a touch of spice that mirrors Doha's bustling markets and diverse culture.

As the scent unfolds, it reveals the woody depth of Teak, complemented by the earthy tones of Patchouli and the smooth, creamy essence of Sandalwood. This sophisticated combination evokes the elegance and complexity of Doha, making it more than just a fragrance but a sensory voyage through the heart of Qatar.

Perfect for those who seek an evolving and vibrant aroma.

Details of your Aroma Sachet

  • Weight: approx. 20g
  • Measurements: 8cm in length, 10cm in height
  • Packaging:Encased in a cotton bag, accompanied by a biodegradable clear bag

What make them special: Ingredients and Features

  • Compostable Granules: Made with environmentally friendly, compostable granules.
  • Infused with Fragrance: Each sachet is richly infused with fragrances.
  • Durability: Designed to maintain a fresh scent for a few months.
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